How to reduce carbohydrates without sinking into depression?

The Americans speak only of “low-carb”, which means a low intake of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is their generic word a little learned to designate the different sugars found in food. Today, we know, we must reduce the dose! Except that life without sugar is something to finish in better health certainly, but also in total depression. So follow our tips for eating less sugar and staying happy!

The sugars we are talking about here, these famous carbohydrates, include carbohydrates, whether they are simple and pass quickly through the blood, or complex, slower to digest and assimilate.
Thus, a pastry, a soda or a candy are among the most harmful sugars when the carbohydrates of a wholemeal bread , a bowl of oatmeal or fresh fruits and vegetables will be better for your health and assimilated differently.
In addition, it should be borne in mind that carbohydrates can have their effect reduced by combining them with other foods. So a sweet fruit alone (ex / a handful of cherries) so so, but a fruit with plain yogurt or a handful of almonds, three times yes for a good snack for example!

1. Sugars ok, but at the right time.

Before depriving yourself of any sugar in your menus, start by reducing the dose and distribute your sugar intake differently.
Choose carbohydrate foods for breakfast and lunch, or even snack. But after 5pm, the party is over!
In fact, if you make your own, the following adage: king breakfast, prince lunch and poor man’s dinner, you can always satisfy your sweet tooth at one time of the day … first of course of course.

2. Replace your morning cereals.

In the morning, are you a fan of sweet cereals? It will have to change!
Instead, make a bowl of oatmeal or buckwheat porridge (swell in hot water or milk) and replace the sugar with mashed banana or mashed apple – no added sugar, this Obviously.
Little by little, you will detoxify yourself from the super-sweet flavor of the morning “croquettes” that are refined cereals, all that you must proscribe!

3. Bye bye chocolate spreads.

In the firmament of ultra-sweet products are the spreads that children love and that we invite to abandon.
But to avoid entering a real mourning period, use oilseed mash, good quality salted butter, or even crushed bananas on your sandwiches and place pieces of fruit on top.
The crispness of the bread, the sweetness and the freshness combined are delicious!

4. What if we ate salty?

When you eat too sweet in the morning, it’s the cravings guaranteed!
To break this hellish spiral, get used to eating rather salty in the morning. Cheese, ham, eggs, smoked salmon, avocado toast!
Our recipe: a toasted slice of semi-wholemeal bread with seeds, fairly ripe avocado spread and chopped on top, a little salt, ground cumin, pieces of nuts, a few leaves of herbs (parsley, coriander, basil, as you like), a few diced tomatoes, a poached egg and it’s delicious and … ultra filling.


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