How to make a raised vegetable garden: the EASY and inexpensive method.

Do you want to make a raised bed in your garden? So look no further! This technique for making an elevated vegetable garden is certainly the simplest that exists! Don’t worry, you don’t even have to be a handyman. Look, it’s easy and economical:

For the record, my eight year old daughter really wanted to have her own vegetable garden. Only, I was not yet convinced that she was totally passionate about gardening. So, I didn’t want to give him too much space in our garden for his new passion. In any case, not yet! As I still had cinder blocks in the garage, we decided to recycle them. Well, I can tell you that the concrete blocks are great for making an elevated vegetable garden.

What you need

– concrete blocks.

– cardboard boxes.

– potting soil.

– vegetable garden labels.

How to do

1. First of all, you will have to flatten the space you have chosen . This step is surely the one that will take you the most time and effort. When choosing a place to install your raised bed, consider the exposure and sunshine of the plants you want to plant.

Will your plants need full sun, shade or partial shade? Remember to think about the needs of your plants before you plant them. It will help you determine the space you need.

2. After having chosen and flattened the location of your raised garden, place the concrete blocks , as in the photo above. Lay the concrete blocks with the holes facing up .

So you can put your plants in the holes and save even more space for your vegetable garden! If you want your flowerbed to be higher than ours, you can also fill these holes with soil (don’t waste potting soil) so that they are more stable and solid.

3. Spread pieces of cardboard at the bottom of the floor before adding the potting soil. It is a simple tip to avoid having weeds . I have also heard that concrete blocks are sometimes treated with chemicals. So, for safety, I used the cardboard flaps to cover the sides of the concrete blocks.

Note: If you do not have cardboard boxes to prevent weeds from growing, you can also use woven mulch like this . Know that the “cardboard box” method worked very well for us. Now we use it all the time!

4. And now you can add the soil ! We used a good special potting soil.

Note: For better drainage, you can also lay a layer of pebbles or straw . But it is not obligatory (we did not do it for our parterre).


And that’s it, too easy! Now you know how to make your own raised vegetable garden.

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