How to increase your daily happiness.

When faced with a difficult situation, try to take a break before reacting as you normally do. Here are some ways to increase your daily happiness and improve your heart and emotional health.

Look at your choices and choose a more positive answer. Life is so much more pleasant when you smile rather than when you frown; and it’s easier to put anger aside than you think.

Do not Hold Back

anger inside

A nine-year study of 2,500 men found that those who kept their anger inside were up to 75% more likely to develop coronary artery disease than those who vented their frustration.

  • The next time you’re angry, find a friend and let go – but be careful not to make them an enemy.

Count to 10

When you count, your brain activity goes into the frontal cortex, the realm of rational thought, and away from the limbic system of emotion over which you have little control.

  • This is why you feel more able to deal with your worries after counting.
  • You can increase its effectiveness by breathing deeply at the same time.

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