How To Get A High School Girl To Like You


After the recent article on dating and relationships, here is a very interesting post from Boredmojo. In this post, We are going to give you some tips on how to get a high school girl to like you.


Having observed, analyzed, and experimented a lot on the subject, I had long wanted to write about high school seduction.

Adolescence is the time of learning and the first heavy falls; but also the first successes and the discovery of the wonders of a relationship for two!

The school: an excellent meeting place


High school students, are we only realizing the opportunities that this environment offers us? It is obvious: the school is a small space, a small closed world, the same community.
So all the girls you approach already have one thing in common with you: you are in the same high school!
Everyone knows everyone: the social link, via friends, is quickly found. A real bonus of confidence in your approach! (hence the interest of having a very good social circle)

The Friend-Zone trap


Many high school students think (consciously or not) that the best way to date a girl is to make friends with her first. This is, I believe, what has earned me the most failures !!


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Get it right in your head: THIS IS FALSE!

Aside from special and very lucky cases where the girl you become friends with has the same idea in mind, making friends with her completely kills the attraction. You are as if you would say ”neutered”, and therefore not at all considered ”potential boyfriend”.

The best way to avoid the Friend-Zone trap is to play with attraction, with teasing or touching (Kino). Also, be careful not to drag yourself too long in your seduction.
More details about this in this article: Don’t become her friend to seduce her!

Are the high school girls ready?

For the vast majority: YES !!

Have you noticed that high school girls often go out with guys who are older than them?

That’s because, for the most part, they are much more mature than guys their age! They are one step ahead!
So stop playing the kid and don’t be afraid to be a man, that’s what they’re looking for !!

Do high school girls like needy?


You may have heard friends say of a needy (overly romantic) that he is ”so cute !!”

In reality, they say this as if they are talking about a child or even a baby (take the test yourself: show them a picture of a baby they will say the same).
But a child or a baby is totally ”castrated”, that is to say, discredited from” potential boyfriend”!

So from that point of view, likewise, follow the advice of the site and avoid being needy.

Dating a girl from the same class?

Smaller than high school space? Yes! There is ultra-restricted classroom space !!
But is it good to go and try your luck with a girl in your class?
Most of those who have, and who dated a girl in their class, would definitely advise against doing so.

It is perfectly understandable:

You may be together all the time (and this is not always good, because you need a good dose of ”side life” to maintain a relationship, After a breakup, it is very very painful to be forced to see her again all day and not be able to forget her quietly


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Conversation in high school


When you approach a girl in high school, you have the advantage of belonging to the same small community. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid.
An exciting conversation is based on the emotional side of things.

So PLEASE AVOID the irrelevant subject matter of the notes.

She doesn’t care if you just got 13/20 on the last math test!
If you find an emotional interest in it and get her to laugh with it, great, but you don’t often.

Talking about teachers is sometimes a good tip because if you have some in common, it can lead to ”private jokes”.
However, be careful to always stay in a positive frame of mind and humor, even if the teacher in question was unpleasant.

For example, if you tell him:

”This sports teacher, I don’t like him, I’m already bad at sports, but there he was too mean! ” It’s completely VOID.
On the other hand, if you launch with a laugh:
“Ah! This sports teacher, I remember, we dreamed of sticking his head in the basketball hoop! ” That’s better.

As for the rest, it’s all on the site, it’s up to you. And above all, most importantly, get moving and dare to put into practice what you read here !!

This is the key to success!

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