How to firm the skin in 4 steps?

Sagging skin is one of the first markers of aging. So much so that many are wondering how to firm the skin, without going through the scalpel box. 

Why does skin sag with aging?

Before discovering how to firm the skin, let’s take a quick tour of the depths of the skin. Age has serious repercussions on the freshness of the face, and in particular on its firmness. Over time, cells lose efficiency and reduce their activity. This is particularly the case of fibroblasts , cells located in the dermis which are at the origin of the production of crucial proteins in the preservation of skin youth: elastin and collagen .

The collagen is precisely the essential ingredient of a firm skin. When its synthesis decreases, it struggles to fully fulfill its role as a framework for the skin. Little by little, it sags and becomes hollow: this is called ” sagging skin “. Although this is an inevitable physiological process, it can be prevented and mitigated with a few simple gestures and key products.

Find out how to firm the facial skin in 4 points!

1. Continue to cleanse your skin thoroughly

Women with mature skin often make the same mistake: to focus their routine on exclusively anti-aging skincare. Certainly, this is a justified choice. However, it would be prejudicial to neglect its elementary gestures, the most important of all of which is cleaning! Remember that, behind its apparent banality, it is the first step to maintain the health (and beauty) of your skin.

Also, no need to wonder how to firm the skin if you skip the twice-daily cleansing! Keep this ritual carefully, which also has the advantage of preparing your skin for the following treatments . The cleansing oil Clean is ideal for gently removing impurities that suffocate the skin (even if you are not wearing makeup). Once a week, replace it with the Clean face cleansing powder to deepen the pores.

2. Hydrate with the right anti-aging active ingredients

Now that your skin is properly cleansed, it’s time to give pride of place to firming skincare! Your mission, if you accept it: identify the active ingredients on the label of your serums and creams capable of awakening your sleeping fibroblasts and boosting collagen synthesis . They are the ones who will play on the tone and firmness of the facial skin. Do you have an example?

The dill extract is a treasure of the pharmacopoeia which presents extremely interesting anti-aging cosmetic properties: it is indeed capable of activating the enzyme LOXL1, involved in skin elasticity and firmness. Its effectiveness has been amply supported by scientific studies. You will find it in our Age Killer firming lift cream . To boost its effectiveness on sagging skin, combine it with lifting serum from the same range!


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