How to fight oily skin.

Large pores, shine, acne, blackheads. Oily skin is a concentrate of problems that do not only concern adolescent girls. What to do? Here are ten tips for dealing with oily skin.

It is not always easy to live with oily or oily skin as it is prone to many imperfections, in particular glistening and the appearance of small pimples on the middle area of ​​the face (T area) which includes the forehead , nose and chin. Fortunately, with a healthy lifestyle and a specific care routine, it is possible to regulate it. 

Causes of oily skin

Oily skin is characterized by an excessive secretion of sebum caused by pollution, stress and / or hormonal factors which give rise to many imperfections: shine, pimples, dull complexion.

Tips for treating oily skin

To take care of your oily skin, you must purify it with suitable products, but especially not strip it at the risk of causing what is called “rebound effect”, that is to say an overproduction of sebum .

1. Clean your skin every day


The golden rule against oily skin: regulate the production of sebum, responsible for the appearance of blackheads and company. To do this, cleanse your face thoroughly morning and evening. Start with makeup removal to unclog the pores and breathe the skin. Then wash your face with a non-comedogenic cleanser (such as a gel). Finally, apply a purifying lotion. Once a week, make a mask, preferably with clay or charcoal, for an immediate radiance boost.

2. Hydrate your face


Beware of received ideas! Oily skin is also thirsty. Do not forget to hydrate it daily, morning and evening. Bet on a cream without fat with a matifying effect. This will allow you to hide these gleams that make you look bad.

3. Choose the right exfoliant

Remember: the exfoliation, to be carried out once a week, is a precious “beautiful skin” ally. Be careful to choose the right product for your skin type. Faces and necks dotted with pimples are too sensitive for shock therapy. To gently cleanse your skin, opt instead for an exfoliating lotion.

4. Don’t touch your buttons

When faced with a button, resisting the temptation to pierce it is difficult! But if you touch it, you risk making it worse. Why ? First, because you inflame the button by making it more visible. Second, because it will cause scarring. To go out without complex, apply a camouflage product. Stick correctors are perfect for hiding small imperfections!

5. Eat a balanced diet

We will never tire of saying it: fried and fatty foods, sodas and alcohol are the worst enemies of a dream complexion! Avoid overuse. It’s true, there is no miracle diet against oily skin. But eating a balanced diet can help. Remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Your skin will appreciate it. 


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