How To Draw A Tattoo For Yourself?

The tattoo has become trendy. If a few years ago, it was still marginal, today, it knows a real craze.

According to the RTS, it is estimated that between 10 and 15% of the Swiss population is tattooed , which represents 850,000 and 1,250,000 people.

  • Do you also want to go under the needle of a tattoo artist?
  • Or to become a tattoo artist yourself?

You will need to learn how to draw a tattoo.

Drawing a tattoo: what are the different tattoo styles?

From the Chinese zodiac to the realistic portrait, the world of tattoos is particularly rich. And when you want to draw a tattoo, the first thing is to determine a style. Are you more old-school or tribal? Let’s take a look at the main tattoo styles first to find the right one for you.

Traditional tattoo

Tattooing is a traditional art in many ancestral cultures. Strong symbolism, patterns with a meaning, today very often used in tattoos. Among the best known we can of course cite:

  • The tribal tattoo  : well known in the tattoo world, this style based on large black areas and curved lines has today lost its deep meaning. Originally, the tribes who practiced tattooing, whether in Polynesia or in Africa, aimed to signify a social rank, a membership in a group. These very codified tattoos have a very strong symbolism even today, especially Polynesian tattoos, are still very fashionable,
  • Asian tattoo  : Chinese tattoo or Japanese tattoo, this style is strongly inspired by Asian art. The Yakusas in particular opted for this style of tattooing. Among the most used symbols, we find of course the dragon, the samurai, the geisha, but also the lotus,
  • The Celtic tattoo  : composed of Celtic symbols and writings, it is a kind of easily recognizable tribal tattoo with the main motif of the Celtic cross.

The realistic tattoo

The aim of the realistic tattoo is to faithfully reproduce a model. These true works of art require a perfect mastery of the art of tattooing to be achieved to perfection.

Realistic tattoos can represent many subjects: whether it is a face, a still life, an animal, a landscape … in black and white or in color, they perfectly reproduce their model, as if we were facing a photo.

These hyper realistic tattoos do not support amateurism, it takes real skills to reproduce the finesse of the details on the skin.

How to draw a tattoo for yourself?
The 3D tattoo is one of the new trends. Guaranteed effect!

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