How to do a French manicure ?

To put your nails to their advantage, French manicure is absolutely essential! By wearing this natural, discreet and sophisticated nail art, you will not have to fear the lack of taste … Discover here all our advice on the realization of this great classic of beauty – they will allow you to wear the French perfect manicure!

French manicure: what is it?

Appeared several decades ago now, we have to believe that French manicure is far from having said its last word. Coming straight from the United States, this elegant technique literally meaning French manicure only has Frenchy name that makes reference to French touch , a concept synonymous with refinement .

Very simple, this nail art consists in applying a more or less thick line of white varnish (permanent or classic) on the end of each nail, before covering the whole with a more natural varnish – like a beige or a nude pink , for example. The French manicurewill have the advantage of giving your nails an impression of length and shine , it can be used on all types of nails and is perfect for you who want to adopt a classic, discreet and distinguished style .

The essential equipment for the realization of a French manicure

In order to achieve a beautiful French manicure at home, you are going to need to bring some tools and products.Little tips: you’d better avoid filing your nails with a metal file. Too hard, it will not play to their advantage and will even tend to weaken them

French manicure – the method to follow

All the success of a beautiful French manicure lies in the precision of the gestures. If you are pressed for time, it certainly means that this is not the perfect time to do this nail art . If, on the other hand, you have a good time to devote to it, then take your equipment, settle in a quiet, lighted and well ventilated place and get started.
Arm yourself with patience and follow each of the phases that follow. In case you ratify one, do not hesitate to take it step by step for a rendering as natural as impeccable .

1 . The preparation.

These are some simple treatments to sublimate your damaged nails in order to best prepare them for the installation of the French manicure :

  • First step: if you have to cut your nails, prefer to use fine-grained file rather than scissors or a nail clipper. The result will be all the more precise.
  • Start by filing your nails to give them a nice shape (rounded or square, it’s up to you) – make sure they are all the same length and shape. Always file in the same direction, avoiding saw movements at all costs, this will prevent the nail from splitting.
  • Soak your nails for a few moments in soapy water to soften the cuticles. Then push them away using a stick provided for this purpose. If you don’t have one, you can always use a softening cream.
  • Once done, with polisher , rub the entire surface of your nail to make it shiny and erase any possible streaks.
  • Do not forget to massage and moisturize your hands with a product suitable for this purpose, with special emphasis on the edges of your nails.


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