How to apply your face mask?

Despite all the care you give him, your skin sometimes needs a boost. In this case, only one reflex: the mask. But how to apply your face maskin the rules of the art, exactly? Discover tips for becoming a masking pro!

Is a face mask very useful?

Your beauty routine already includes a cleanser, a serum, a moisturizer, an eye area, and perhaps many other things… So, what could a face mask do for your skin? Well, a lot!

In addition to being particularly fun to use, the masks act as real deep care: more concentrated than conventional daily cosmetics , they target specific skin problems to regenerate the skin and help it eradicate its small punctual imperfections. And it’s so good to take time for yourself…


What mask to choose for his face?

No matter your skin type and its little annoyances, there is bound to be a mask for it! Also, choose your face mask according to his needs and do not hesitate to vary the pleasures. Some even go so far as to practice multi-masking : a technique which consists in simultaneously applying several masks to different areas of the face, according to the requirements of each. And why not ?

Do you have blemished skin?

To avoid blackheads produced by excess sebum and pollution, choose a detox face mask rich in descaling and absorbent active ingredients, such as clay or charcoal.

Our favorite: the Age Commando mask , combined with an anti-aging action.

Do you have dry skin?

Orient yourself towards waxy and covering textures which will calm the feelings of discomfort and will help your skin to restore the lipid phase of its cutaneous barrier, essential to its good health.

Do you have mature skin?


Your mature skin mask should contain firming agents that will fight sagging skin due to the loss of collagen. Use creamy textures that do not dry out during installation to limit dehydration phenomena.

Do you have dehydrated skin?

Fill up with water with a hydrating face mask with a light texture enriched with thirst-quenching active ingredients: urea, aloe vera, baobab oil … but also hyaluronic acid , the flagship ingredient of our Age 2O mask , which combines its moisturizing properties with a powerful anti-wrinkle action.

When to apply a face mask?

The ideal frequency to apply your face mask is once a week . The perfect moment? At weekends, when you have the bathroom for yourself and want to unwind with a pampering ritual.

However, remain attentive to your skin’s reactions: she is your best adviser! If she is prone to dehydration and suffers from winter temperatures, for example, do not hesitate to increase the pace until you find the one that suits her .


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