How Long After a Tattoo Can you Take a Bath?

A tattoo, whether painful or not, leaves a sore on the skin for several days or even weeks. Like any wound, it is important to clean it well and treat it to promote healing. Swimming is one of the things to avoid after getting a tattoo so as not to delay its healing. Find out what the risks are, what precautions to take, and how long after a tattoo can you take a bath again.

how long after a tattoo can you take a bath

What are the risks?

Swimming is not recommended when you have just had a tattoo. This is because prolonged contact with water can wash away the ink from your tattoo and can damage its appearance. Avoid the sea, the swimming pool, the jacuzzi, the saunas as well as the rays of the sun, and the UV sessions. Also be aware that seawater and swimming pool water are not recommended because they are full of dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and impurities. In contact with this water, your tattoo could become infected and not heal properly. But don’t worry about the shower. You can get your tattoo perfectly to clean it, but avoid staying too long in your bath because the ink could dilute in the water.

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