How Do I Get My Tattoo Removed?

You chose it for life and wore it proudly for years. Yet today this tattoo doesn’t look like you anymore, and you want to get rid of it. Yes, but how do you erase the indelible? Laser, surgery: solutions exist. We tell you everything.
How Do I Get My Tattoo Removed?

The laser, the most common solution

For a large part and/or located on an area such as the ankle, the scapula, the only solution to use to have your tattoo removed is the laser.

The principle: by heating the pigments contained in the drawing, the laser causes them to explode. Thus reduced to fine particles, they can be eliminated by the body. This process is effective but very often very long.

Depending on the inks used, the colors, and the depth of the pigments, many sessions are necessary. There are generally three to ten sessions (spaced two months apart, time for the skin to rest) to overcome an average tattoo.

To reduce the burning sensation, the laser is performed under local anesthesia. And because it is a medical act, it is done at all costs by a dermatologist!

Note, however, that the laser is not a miracle solution, and that there are no rules in terms of tattoo removal: some drawings are completely erased, others, on the contrary, resist the sessions and may at best be a blend, giving you the option to cover it with another tattoo.

Allow a budget of 100 to 300 euros on average per session depending on the laser used, the size and intensity of the drawing to be removed.

Surgery, to remove small tattoos

It is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest solution. Under local anesthesia, the surgeon removes the “printed” part of the skin, then sutures the wound.

It is benign, and most of the time the resulting scar is barely or no longer visible after ten days.

Yes but here it is, this method does not apply in all cases: the piece must be small, and specially located on an area of ​​the body where the skin is loose (stomach, buttock …).

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