Homemade milk jam, the easiest recipe there is!

Milk jam, also called ‘Dulce de leche’ in Spanish, is a delight to spread or to use on desserts. Did you know that you can make it yourself with just one ingredient? Follow us, we give you the recipe!

One ingredient

– a can of sweetened condensed milk

Utensil :
You will need a saucepan higher than the can of condensed milk, in order to be able to cover it entirely with water.

Good to know: Because nothing beats experience, advice, opt for a brand whose box seems solid to you. We tested once with condensed milk whose tin can was probably too fragile … assessment, it exploded under the effect of heat (a good part of fun but we prefer a good part of food rather!) .

Making the milk jam

1. In your tall pan, put your closed sweetened condensed milk can and cover it with tap water.
2. Cover and heat not too hard, so as to obtain a slightly simmering water, constant, for a good hour and a half.
3. Let cool, then gently open your box, tadam, the jam is ready!

The little extra tips:

  •  Once you have tested your first milk jam, you can then play with the cooking time. The longer it cooks, the darker its color and the more caramelized flavor.
  •  You can save time by preparing it in a pressure cooker if you have one, for 45 min (as in our video below):

How to make milk jam with milk and sugar?
The recipe (easy too) here .

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