Here’s Why Princess Diana Wore Two Watches On Her Wrist

Princess Diana has always known how to assert herself by her gaze, and was known for her kindness. For example, this queen of hearts refused to wear gloves when she was on an official mission, to be closer to people and show them affection. One day, she was photographed with two watches on her wrist, and it was not a mistake. Diana knew how to express her feelings towards the people she loved, and this gesture was also intended for someone special.

At Boredmojo, we discovered the hidden message behind this choice of accessories, and we had to share this touching story with you.


Diana and Prince Charles had just got engaged

Here's Why Princess Diana Wore Two Watches On Her Wrist
This photo of Princess Diana was taken in 1981, shortly after his FIAN quail with Prince Charles. The photographer caught her watching her future husband play polo at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor. Everything seemed fairly ordinary, except for one rather extravagant little detail: Diana wore two watches on her wrist.

It was a sign that she cared about him

It turned out that the gold watch with a thin bracelet was that of Diana, but that the darkest one belonged to Charles. Diana  explained that she wore this watch as a tribute to Charles and to bring him luck.

This gesture reminded us of an old tradition from the Middle Ages

Here's Why Princess Diana Wore Two Watches On Her Wrist
In the Middle Ages,  tradition dictated that the lady’s handkerchief be tied behind the knight’s helmet before a game. The handkerchief was seen as a lucky charm and it was the way to show support for the person participating in the competition.

Unfortunately, Diana and Charles’ marriage did not last, but this tender gesture illustrated the fact that their relationship was based on great love and mutual attachment, at least at the beginning.


It’s not the only time Diana has expressed love
with a sentimental gesture

Here's Why Princess Diana Wore Two Watches On Her Wrist
Lady Di refused to wear the tiara loaned to her by the Queen on her wedding day. Instead, she chose the tiara that had been in her family for many years. By this gesture, Diana showed that she had decided to remain faithful to the traditions of her family, because many women, including her sister, had married with this tiara.

And you, are you wearing something special that reminds you of a loved one or loved one?
Or maybe you have your own way of expressing your love and gratitude for them?

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