Hair: 20 hairstyle inspirations to camouflage our roots identified on Pinterest.

At a time when the roots are looming and that the hairdressing salons display closed, it is time to opt for malignant hairstyles in order to divert attention. Demonstrations in 24 hairstyles to adopt without an ounce of hesitation!

Exit the hairdresser box , for several weeks, we will have to do without. And to be tricky in order to hide our greyish or contrasting roots and not very graceful, it is good to bet on headdresses which will create the perfect illusion.


Without being satisfied with a homemade coloring, it is possible to deceive the eye by masking this gray hair which seems to be a source of worry for many of us. The first tip is to bet on the crown braid , which is the undisputed master in this area. Placed on the very top of the head, this mat effortlessly covers the roots that are so hard to hide.

Second option and not least: bet on volume. With retro and glamorous hairstyles we take off the roots and we come to give movement to our lengths by curling them. This foolproof technique is proven, by reflecting the light from the roots to focus attention elsewhere. Similarly, unruly cuts are optimal, like fuzzy buns , and softened pony tail .

For fans of central hair lines, we anticipate your disappointment. No need to keep this habit as well as badly applied for years. The trend goes to fuzzy stripes, to display unified hair.


The accessories are also to slip into our lengths. The pliers, XXL bars , or even the giant scrunchies, invite themselves on the heads to hide our roots in no time . On the other hand, it is possible to bet on hair makeup as promised by home touch-up sprays and colorings . But before we get there, know that our bathroom is full of optimum products, such as shampoos and coloring care , not tinting, but reviving the shine of our coloring .

Smart, you said? It’s your turn !

Brigitte Bardot’s headband.

Iconic, this hairstyle still sparks today. The retro volume as desired, promises to take off the roots and camouflage them without incident.

The half pony tail.

The half-tail is ideal for strutting without our roots attracting attention.


Jessica Biel’s fuzzy bun.

The star actress sets the tone with this unruly bun, which she gracefully advocates on the red carpet as in town. The loose side strands destroy the cut and hide the roots in a twist.


The retro style ribbon.

Like the scarf, and other seasonal accessories, the elastic ribbon is the ally to face the outside (or the inside) without showing the least unsightly hair.


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