12 Hacks That Can Help You Look Thinner In Your Clothes

Can you imagine being able to appear thinner, as if by magic, by making just a few adjustments to your dress? Although it seems unreal, optical illusions are not only a category of the visual arts , but they can also serve as a fashion tool that is both practical and fun. With the right technique and a little creativity, you can give your body harmonious proportions thanks to the clothes you wear every day.

At Boredmojo , we know that all bodies are beautiful in their own way, but if you need to give yourself more confidence, here are 12 hacks that can easily improve your self-esteem.


1. Use dark colors to slim down the bulkier parts of your body

12 Optical Illusions That Can Help You Look Thinner In Your Clothes

If you want to make a specific part of your body appear smaller, darker colors are the best choice. But it only works if you also wear a light color in your outfit. Indeed, the dark color forms appear smaller when they contrast with light colors. For example, to slim down your upper body, you can wear a black shirt with white pants. The contrast of colors will make your upper body look smaller than the bottom.

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