Greta Thunberg, Is She Time Traveler?

In a photo from the end of the 19th century, a young girl seems to be the double of Greta Thunberg. Since then, the wildest theories have been circulating on social networks …

Did Greta Thunberg work in a Yukon gold mine in Canada in the late 19th century? This is what seems to reveal a snapshot of 1898 from the archives of the University of Washington and tweeted by the account @ history2cool. The girl on the left indeed presents a spectacular resemblance with the Swedish environmental activist. Face shape, look, expression, even braided hair: it’s all there!

Greta thunberg

Two conclusions are imperative if we are to believe the innumerable comments of this photo: either Greta Thunberg is almost 130 years old and she does not do it, or she is a time traveller and she could have warned us. The most imaginative go so far as to envisage the existence of a temporal brigade which attempts to modify history to prevent the climatic apocalypse. But a handful of skimpy minds see it as just a coincidence.

It is not the first time that a personality is recognized in an old photo, like John Travolta, who wore the bow tie wonderfully in the 1880s or Nicolas Cage, suspected of being an immortal vampire since the discovery of this old portrait of a southern gentleman.

travolta nicolas

The possibility of finding the same face twice is however statistically close to the impossible (except in the case of monozygotic twins): in 2015 an Australian study from the University of Adelaide on 4000 people showed that the probabilities that two faces with strictly identical features are around 1 in 1,000 billion! A mathematical implausibility which does not prevent look-alike sites from proliferating such as the “Twin Strangers” project on Facebook which proposes to flush out its double in a photographic database fed every day by new pictures.

A paradox is quite simple to explain because, each face, although unique, can be associated with different morphotypes and present superficial but striking similarities. This is undoubtedly the case for this double by Greta Thunberg whose resemblance is accentuated by the black and white photography. Standing or in profile, the illusion would probably dissipate as quickly as an Icelandic glacier under the effect of global warming…

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