Grease your hair: Dermatologist suggests you in corona times.

Greasing your hair is one of the biggest beauty trends in corona times. But does that really make sense? And can this even make your hair less greasy? We spoke to a dermatologist.

The goal: shiny, healthy hair that needs less washing and less washing. The way there supposedly leads over greasy , unwashed hair – at least if you believe the latest beauty trend.

Influencers around the world currently swear by it and show themselves on Instagram & Co. with greasy hair. But does the whole thing bring anything and what do you have to consider when greasing your hair?

Greasing Hair: How Does It Work?

Greasing your hair is actually quite simple: you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least five days. Shampoo is taboo, instead only water comes to the hair. Sometimes shampoo alternatives such as rye flour or clay are used. Hence the trend has its name “No Poo”.

Working in the home office , no parties, no meeting with friends, hardly anyone would get to see you with greasy and unwashed hair – when, if not now, is the right time to try out the trend?

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