Gray hair? So what! The best tips

Gray hair is great if you know how to handle it. We reveal everything about the causes, from when you get gray hair, how to best dye and care for it.

When the temples start to turn gray, men usually don’t worry much. No wonder, after all, an own word was even created for the increase in their attractiveness in old age: The “Clooney Effect” – inspired by Hollywood star George Clooney, who also with gray hair (or maybe because of that) for the second time in 2006 “Sexiest Man Alive” was chosen.

This relaxed attitude should finally reach women. Unfortunately, we are not quite there in terms of equality in public perception on this point. For this reason, women are often less relaxed about gray hair and try to quickly hide the signs of aging. This is actually not necessary. Fortunately, attractiveness is much more than a youthful look, and the silver look has also become a trend. More courage for gray hair is extremely good for men and women!

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