Grate Chalk In Grater For DIY That Instantly Brightens Home.

Sidewalk chalk is fun. There’s no denying most of us have spent countless hours scribbling designs and games with these little, pigmented sticks. But I can’t be the only one who’s a little devastated when my art is eventually ruined by the rain. I know there’s beauty in things that are temporary, but I prefer a more permanent reward for my efforts. Recently, I’ve discovered ways to create more “permanent” forms of chalk art.

So, in a delightful change of pace, here are a few things you can do with chalk that don’t involve scribbling on hot cement.

Salty Sand Art

Salty sand art is an easy way to create a cute piece of decor. All you need is some chalk, a cheese grater, and a few containers! Using the cheese grater, grate the chalk down, keeping the colors separated in different small bowls.

Next, you’re going to want to find a tall, clear container or cup of some sort. Using a funnel, you’ll pour the chalk “sand” into the container, one color at a time.

The layering of the colors creates a pretty, striped effect. You can leave the cup as is or top it with a decorative piece like a candle— and voila, a colorful new addition to your home! For extra fun, try experimenting with different color combinations.

Hair Chalk for Kids

Kids often want to color their hair bright, unnatural colors— but most parents prefer to avoid damage and harsh chemicals. If you have a box of chalk at home, however, you can temporarily color your child’s hair in an easy way. Simply dip a piece of chalk in water. Then, lay a strand of hair over a flat surface and color it with the chalk

That’s literally it. Presto, change-o! A new look that satisfies everyone!

Chalk Zen Garden

Zen gardens are a fun, little piece of decor meant to promote relaxation. But, by using the same grating method used in the Sandy Art project above, you can easily make your own Zen garden at home! Really, all you need to do is grate some chalk. Then, pour the sand into a shallow, rectangular container that’ll act as your “garden”.

Lastly, just decorate! If you’re making the Zen garden with kids, pompoms, buttons, and a plastic-fork rake are perfect little additions.


For a more sophisticated look, you can try incorporating a tea candle, leaves, or pretty little stones. Like most DIY projects, the beauty of a chalk Zen garden is that you can make it your own.

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