Get rid of your forks (yourself) without losing length!

You start to see the forks multiply on the tips of your hair but do not manage to sacrifice a few centimeters? Know that there are other techniques that will allow you to regain healthy hair and this is precisely the subject of this article.

You hold your hair as if it were the apple of your eye. It’s simple: you have taken so long to grow them – whether or not you have already reached the desired length – it is out of the question for you to shorten them. It would be like going backwards and those who care about their length know how much every inch counts! Unfortunately and despite all your efforts, you begin to see some forks appear at the level of your tips … At first, you were content to ignore them, but now, you have the impression of seeing nothing more than that. Your dream ? Being able to get rid of it without having to go through the hairdresser box. Good news ! You can say goodbye to your forks without shortening your hair. Here we explain how to do it:

Why is my hair forking?


To answer this question, you need to know that the hair is made up of scales that open up as they become brittle. Once the scales are open, the protective sheath deteriorates, certain areas of the hair are therefore no longer protected against external aggressions, which causes the hair fiber to be damaged – and this is where the forks are created . The tips being the oldest part of the hair – sometimes on your head for years and years (depending on your length) – they are the ones that fork first.

How to limit the forks?

Hair straighteners, hair dryers, repeating shampoos, pollution, hard water, change in temperatures and seasons, colorings, discoloration, re-coloring … There are a thousand and one factors favoring the appearance of forks – difficult to avoid all of them , especially when you know that the simple fact of running your fingers through your hair is one. However, you can still limit their appearance . As the saying goes: ” Prevention is better than cureAnd this also applies to your hair. So take care of them as much as you can: adopt good habits, protect them as much as possible, increase the number of treatments, hydrate them, nourish them and also review the basics of your diet. Your hair will be strengthened and the appearance of forks prevented . However, this is only a temporary solution because they always end up settling at one time or another … And once they are there, there is no quick fix: despite everything that you can hear – it is not possible to repair a split hair .


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