Food lion- a super market ,announced to install plexiglass at check outs.

Amid corona virus crises ,many super markets, stores and pharmacies started to install sneez gaurds and plexiglasses on the counters or checkouts. A Salisbury based supermarket – food lion has also decided to take preventive measures by installing these plexiglass on counters where customers interact with a shopkeeper.

Employees are advised to wear face masks while working hours so that they can be saved from any infected person.This step or measure will save both the shopkeepers and the shoppers from the contagious disease.
Moreover, a particular time that is 7am to 8 am has been chosen for food lion customers older than 60.Another distancing measure taken by food lion is that it is prohibiting usage of small carts and hand baskets by customers and admonishing their customers to use big trolleys so that they can maintain distance of 6 foot space recommended by CDC.

As Many big stores has reduced their shopping time but food lion is one of the stores which has maintained their working hours as they were before corona virus pandemic.
Other supermarkets such as Publix ,Lowe and Walmart have also installed sneeze guards to save people from Covid- 19.

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