Eye makeup: 10 mistakes not to make anymore

Too much mascara, not blurred eye shadow or too much black pencil. None of us is immune to a make-up faux pas! We give you an exhaustive list of errors that should not be repeated.

There are some very common makeup mistakes that can spoil your whole beauty. Discover them without further delay in order to no longer reproduce them.It sometimes happens that mistakes are made when applying make-up to the complexion, eyes or even the lips. In order to minimize your missteps as much as possible, here are the  mistakes you shouldn’t make anymore.

The heavy hand on the mascara

And no, putting dozens (we exaggerate) of layers of mascara never gives a good result. So yes, we all dream of having doe eyelashes to accentuate our look, but superimposing layers of rimmel is not the solution to your desires. Indeed, having spider legs instead of eyelashes does not benefit anyone! Stop at two coats of good quality mascara.



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