Don’t make the mistake of over consuming gluten.

What is gluten?

Gluten is what brings elasticity and viscosity to cereal flours. Its name is borrowed from Latin and means “glue”. It is a mixture of prolamins and glutenins which has, among other things, the capacity to form bonds with starch. This is what makes the cereals with the highest gluten content, those whose dough tends to rise most easily. You understand: no beautiful pastries, generous and crisp, gluten-free .

What dangers for my health?

The consumption of gluten greatly increases intestinal permeability. This means that your gut turns into a colander . Its mucosa becomes porous and no longer absorbs nutrients. Gluten therefore induces a latent inflammatory state , which can manifest itself through a variety of symptoms which make its diagnosis all the more difficult: bloating, diarrhea, headache, insomnia, depression or even acne .

How to give up all these “good things” without suddenly falling into depression?

Cereals, pasta, baguette… so many foods that populate our daily lives. However, consuming these products regularly, as harmless as it may seem, exposes you to serious dangers .

You will find in our special file the reasons which make necessary the modifications of your eating habits and the solutions which will transform this step into a pleasant walk of health.

Gluten: how to do without it?

After applying the advice disclosed in this file, you will also be surprised at the effects on your well-being . Like many people who have experienced it, you can:

  • Have a boost of energy and better morale  ;
  • Rediscover the happiness of sleeping soundly;
  • Having hair more vigorous and more skin net  ;
  • See the pain and fatigue alleviate .


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