DIY Wall Decoration: Inexpensive Ideas To Personalize Your Interior!

Recipe for a warmer interior: a pinch of creativity, a spoonful of patience and a good dose of salvage! You will get a successful DIY wall decoration!

Here are 10 very simple ideas to make a cheap decoration , and embellish your interior with a creation made with your own hands.

2 In 1 Tip: Storage And Decoration With The False Frame

You may have old frames at home that are no longer used or otherwise it is very easy to get them for a few euros in flea markets. They will be used to make false decorative frames that turn into clever storage.

For this, you just need to fix, at the back of the frame, 4 pieces of medium wood to form a kind of box. Then, you will paint the whole with white paint, before fixing it. You can store a few books or a few trinkets inside and it will dress your wall in an original way.

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