Here is a simple recipe for making a depolluting candle with essential oils. It looks great in its Erlenmeyer flask in borosilicate glass, even if you can also make it in any other container supporting the heating. Essential oils are known for their sanitizing properties, they kill microbes, viruses, mites, fungi … They are also known to strengthen natural defenses and fight epidemics. Even if they lose part of their profits by burning, they are still a real asset in cleaning up the toxic air in our interior. I chose this synergy of essential oils of lime and radiated eucalyptus, both well known for their sanitizing properties but also ideal for fighting respiratory infections. 

Do not forget to ventilate the air in your home daily, there is still nothing better to renew the ambient air! Be careful to respect the dosages of essential oils and especially not replace one essential oil with another.


Balance, Bain-marie, spoon, thermometer, clothespin.

Suggested container:

Erlenmeyer flask with wide neck of 200 ml + Cotton wick 15 cm long for Ø 70 mm

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