Couple: 12 crucial questions to ask their darling before saying

mall quizzes intended to bring partners together continue to flourish on the Web, and couples indulge in them with pleasure. But aren’t the most important questions often the ones we prefer to ignore?

What scares you the most: the idea of ​​being abandoned or that of being oppressed? 
We know them by heart, these little lists: “24 questions to fall in love”, ” 4 topics of conversation to discuss absolutely with each other “, “10 things to know before moving in together” … We lend ourselves to the game with a mischievous smile as if we were launching a game of “Trivial Pursuit”, on a rainy Sunday. It is crucial to get some very personal information about your partner, before considering putting your finger on your ring. The latter, however, are not as funny as asking the other “what character in a fiction book” he feels closest.
Ready to discover the famous questions? We have translated them for you below; and although they concern very serious areas of life, some of them may still tug you off a giggle or two:

1. How much time do you need to spend alone?

This may seem absurd, especially during the first years of relationship, when our only desire is to spend time with the other. It is fundamental to know the needs of solitude that the chosen one of our heart can feel, just not to feel rejected if he expresses a desire to go about his business. .. without us. (Knowing that watching a football match in the most complete isolation is a vital necessity for your man can notably avoid many misunderstandings!)

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