Combat allergies with these 4 home remedies.

Allergies are really painful. They strike just when the weather is good, when you want to go outside, causing itching, congestion and a whole host of other disturbing symptoms. We will give you 4 home remedies to fight back.


1. Eat raw honey to prevent hay fever.

If you are allergic to some kind of pollen, start eating raw honey.

  • Since it contains grains of pollen, it gradually accustoms your overactive immune system to pollen, so that it lowers its guard when it is confronted with spring grains.
  • Set a goal to consume 45 to 60 millilitres (three or four tablespoons) per day.
  • You can lick it directly on the spoon, dissolve it in your tea, or spread a drizzle on bread or a muffin.
  • Make sure it is raw honey, preferably local honey so that it contains pollen from your region.
  • This type of honey is generally found on vegetable stands by the roadside and at farmers’ markets.

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