Secret Coffee-Based Eye Contour Serum Recipe

Are you looking for a natural solution for dark, puffy eyes  ? Caffeine is an effective solution against this problem. Discover here how to make an eye contour serum against dark circles based on coffee.

You need :

– ½ cup ground coffee
– Sweet almond oil
– 1 tsp aloe vera gel
– 1 tsp avocado oil


– Pour the coffee into an airtight container and add enough sweet almond oil to cover it. Close the jar and let it steep for 4 to 5 days.

– Filter with a clean cloth.

– Add the aloe Vera gel and shake to have a homogeneous texture, then add the avocado oil and shake again.

– Pour the mixture into a pump bottle and add a few coffee beans to decorate your serum.

Apply this serum for 10 minutes for an immediate healthy glow effect, or apply it in the evening before bed to wake up with a rested look.

The extra tip: Use the coffee / oil mixture you have left after filtration as a body scrub.

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