Cat With Split-Colored Face Becomes A Father To Kittens In Each Of His Colors Interview With Owner

Narnia vanquished our hearts in 2018 when he was only a small furball with an exceptional feature. Blue-peered toward kid had a face correctly split into a gray and a black side. His owner Stephanie Jiminez said that “When Narnia was born I was incredibly astonished. I knew promptly that he was rare.” But the children grow up quick, and the boy has developed into full-blown heartthrob… and a father!

Now Narnia has fathered two cats that have each taken their color from either side of Narnia’s face. The kin, silver haired Phoenix and dark haired Prada, have doubtlessly gone fifty-fifty on outdoing their father’s attractive features. What a double wonder!

Narnia has conquered hearts on the internet with his unique split face

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