Bloated stomach ? These 10 foods to eat more often will help you

Whatever the reason or the season, you have decided to do away with this bloated stomach! Exit chewing gum, miracle pills, excess salt, carbonated drinks, and … overpriced beauty creams to hope to have a flat stomach! Hello abs, sheathing, massages and above all, to start, an adapted diet. Here are these 10 foods which are particularly formidable as allies in this quest, according to your concerns and needs.

The swelling belly can result from multiple causes: blocked transit (constipation), excessive fermentation, bloating, meals taken too quickly (we swallow lots of air)
In an empirical way, we will obviously advise you a diet balanced, which results in a generous amount of fiber (fruits, legumes and especially vegetables), a protein
intake and a reasonable but necessary intake of carbohydrates and fats.To promote better intestinal transit, pineapples, prunes, vegetables with “easy” fibers (which are called soluble fibers) are among these well-known foods that facilitate digestion and, in fact, promote a flat stomach .
Similarly when our intestines seem to swell, we will turn to digestible foods such as avocado, hearts of palm, cooked zucchini, pumpkin or white fish, served with a virgin sauce for example.
Even popcorn would be effective! Hard to believe, but true.But to promote a flatter stomach, it is also a question of playing on the volume of fatty mass which is stored at the level of the belt.He then agrees to review his food balance, and eat fewer calories than we spend (and therefore spend!). We will then try to identify these so-called “fat-burning” foods, natural appetite suppressants and satietogenic foods.

Good to know

Anyway, know that if you suffer from a swollen belly, avoid drinking ice cold, minimize raw vegetables, stop sweeteners!


It naturally suppresses hunger, helps to digest and lose weight. It drains the liver, kidneys and intestines, limits flatulence and bloating, acts as an intestinal antiseptic.

How? ‘Or’ What ? Fresh or in the form of an essential oil, as a flavoring, inhalation or infusion.
With care, however, when it comes to essential oil, in this case you must be vigilant about the dosage and prohibit its use for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children.


Or the satiating and passable snack if you are not too careful on the glycemic index. This grain of popcorn, which is obtained simply by heating it in a pan, provides fiber and even vitamins.
But it should be eaten without added sugar or caramel, or too salty, and associate with a fresh fruit or plain yogurt for example, to lower its GI of 85

> It is a complete cereal devoid of fat. Source of fiber and antioxidant, it wants you good.
How? ‘Or’ What ? By forgetting that of the cinema, the aperitif department and that which can be done in the microwave. We choose it homemade and not very flavored. It would be too easy otherwise.


It satisfies, contains few calories and in the form of juice produces a laxative effect (well, it is certain that to appreciate a beet juice, it takes training!).

To learn more about beetroot (with recipes), read our article .

It is rich in protein and fiber.
How? ‘Or’ What ? Raw or cooked, in the form of juice, as a starter or as an accompaniment.
Its leaves are also eaten, like spinach.


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