Beauty at night: Care to do during sleep to stay beautiful.

Need beauty tips that work during the night to stay beautiful when you wake up? Here are 6 beauty tips worthy of a spa.

After brushing teeth and the ritual of cleaning the face at bedtime, a few weekly hair and skin care gestures allow you to get an absolute beauty during sleep.

Beauty tips at night.

Our schedules are full and we have to be multitasking to get everything done, so why not put those eight hours of sleep to good use with some nighttime beauty treatments? We don’t have enough time in the week to spend hours pampering ourselves, but a few beauty gestures can do wonders overnight. It’s like waking up the next day as a new woman. This saves time, and also lets the body’s natural repair power work from head to toe, as well as on our inner being.

“Restful sleep” is not a myth. A good night’s sleep improves appearance and health. We look less tired after a good rest, so why not further increase its power of seduction thanks to a weekly treatment that hydrates the hair, nourishes the skin, brightens the look, strengthens the nails, refreshes the feet and revitalizes the whole body?

These beauty tips for the night can be applied at the same time on the eve of an event or one by one to transform into Sleeping Beauty:

1. Beauty of hair at night.

Choose a pillow case in soft satin for skin and hair. The absence of friction reduces frizz and helps fight against marks left by sleep. On the other nights of the week, a protective pillowcase can be used when applying a hair mask. Leave-in moisturizing products and serums are commercially available and there are do-it-yourself recipes that contain ingredients commonly used in cooking, such as egg, banana, mayonnaise, coconut oil, lemon or onion juice. A simple recipe for overnight hair care consists of massaging the hair with olive oil and wrapping the head in a hot towel for four hours or overnight. Then make a good shampoo the next morning and rinse with vinegar to give the hair even more shine.

2. Face care during sleep.

After the evening facials, you can make a scrub with your favorite product or a little sugar mixed with olive oil to remove dead skin, then hydrate for the night. Here are beauty treatments at night which have their effect! If you want to try natural ingredients found in kitchen cupboards, you can squeeze half a lemon and mix it with a beaten egg white. Apply on the face, go to bed and wash the next morning with hot water. It is possible to dab toothpaste or a paste of honey and cinnamon on the buttons. For dry skin, add 3 teaspoons of olive oil and 3 teaspoons of almond oil to lemon juice. And not to have dry lips, do not forget to apply a lip balm.

3. Overnight eye care.

Puffiness and dark circles can be prevented with a very gentle massage around the eyes with an eye cream to stimulate circulation, which can help drain excess fluids. Night beauty tips and tricks: an opaque eye mask improves the quality of rest and facilitates the natural production of melatonin and serotonin. You can put a slice of cucumber on your eyes to refresh them during a nap.

4. Beauty of the hands at night.

To beautify the hands during the night, you can follow the same gestures as for the face, with a scrub followed by a generous application of moisturizer. It is recommended to wear a pair of cotton gloves to improve the moisturizing effect. Do not forget to moisturize the nail cuticles to prevent the appearance of small skin. We rub with a mixture of honey, sugar and a little water to remove dry cuticles. Then massage with cuticle oil, then with a moisturizer. (This can also be done on the toes.) The next morning, we take off the gloves and find our hands as soft as a baby’s skin.

5. Skin hydration at bedtime.

You can gently rub your arms and legs using a special glove or a loofah (a washcloth made of 100% natural fibers) by making gentle movements towards the center of the body to erase the skin . One night hydrate the skin using a skin cream, or, if one out of the shower without being dried, you can apply a little lavender essential oil or rose on the skin as an aromatherapy to promote skin repair.

6. Foot care while sleeping.


You can soak the feet in hot water with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) for five minutes. Then use an exfoliating glove or a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Then apply a generous amount of intense moisturizer with a touch of peppermint essential oil and put on cotton socks for the night. Full-week spa treatments are a luxury version of these beauty gestures, but these rejuvenation methods can truly have magical effects overnight. Other night beauty tips to help the body repair process: prepare for a peaceful sleep by cutting out all work and electronic activity one hour before bedtime, and caffeine drinks at least six hours before bedtime. It is possible to listen to relaxing music to create a soothing effect and to read a pleasant or entertaining book in bed to promote a sleep filled with sweet dreams.

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