Beauty: 5 tips to win 10 years.

Do you want to be 10 years younger? If there is no miracle recipe, you can learn to erase the traces of time passing on your face. Thanks to our advice, you will look younger … for a long time!

Hydrate your skin

The first cause of the appearance of wrinkles on the face is not skin aging in itself, but a lack of hydration of the epidermis. For smoother skin, the solution then goes through a suitable moisturizer. As a reminder, from 25 years old, the skin begins to lose its hyaluronic acid, a molecule necessary for the tissues to retain water. To compensate for this drop, it is therefore essential to integrate care into your routine, the formula of which is composed. For our part, we recommend the Revitalift Filler Serumoffered by L’Oréal Paris – a product that provides the skin with the dose of hyaluronic acid it needs. Composed of two different hyaluronic acids (macro hyaluronic acid to rehydrate and smooth the surface of the skin, then micro hyaluronic acid to fill in wrinkles), its formula visibly reduces the signs of aging in just a few only weeks, and deeply rehydrates the skin – provided of course that you use it every day assiduously. We especially like it because it is highly concentrated in pure hyaluronic acid (1.5%). Nothing like it to reduce wrinkles effectively and gradually!

Fade fine lines around the lips


Here, several watchwords: learn to preserve and protect yourself! Pollution , alcohol, tobacco and the sun are your best enemies. And yes, each of them alters the microcirculation of the skin and leads to premature aging of the skin, especially around the mouth. If only you can tame your bad habits, for our part, we can advise you to apply an anti-aging serum by tapping lightly on the targeted areas. A daily application and your most beautiful smile will save you ten years.

Choosing the right hair color


If a good hairstyle can change everything, a suitable color too. The solution ? A shade that will brighten your face while camouflaging your gray hair … Without going from one extreme to the other! If you have fair skin, forget about the dark colors that would only harden your features. On the other hand, with a light shade, you will create an impression of continuity that will soften your face. The refractories of the coloring will be able to bet on reflections. Wicks lighter than your color will enhance your good looks.

Learn to apply makeup

On the make-up side, many women think they know what’s right for them, sometimes wrongly. However, the way you make up can change everything in your face. Pockets, small spots, dull complexion can be easily corrected using a complexion corrector-beautifier and a brush . When choosing these products, always be sure to seek professional advice to be sure you are choosing the right shade. Finally, highlight your eyes (without too much black if you’re tired), apply blush on your cheekbones and highlight your eyebrows for a look full of pep. If necessary, register for courses! It is never too late to learn to master the right techniques.

Resume sport


A healthy mind in a healthy body, nothing like it to look – good – younger! Without necessarily spending hours there, resume the habit of practicing the sport of your choice, several times a week. Provided that it combines cardio (to improve your blood circulation) and bodybuilding (for skin full of tone). Without forgetting that an activity increases the production of collagen while fighting against free radicals … And while making you lose your few extra pounds. Motivate your friends and sign up for this fitness class!

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