Are You Missing An Ingredient ? Here’s How To Replace It! 35 Substitutes.

For several weeks, everyone has cooked like never before, since most of us have been at home with more time than usual. Ironically, the more spaced grocery store visits and the shortages due to the health crisis  mean that ingredients are often missing from our list. So no eggs, no cake? Do not panic! There is often a way to settle.

Please note: not all substitutions can be made. Replacing butter (softened but solid) with the same amount of oil (liquid) will probably give very bizarre cookies! Sometimes it’s better to find another recipe that better suits our ingredients.

Here are a few substitutions and ideas for making your pastries a success when you lack key ingredients .

1. No Dry Yeast?

For bread, it is possible (and even much better, according to most bakers)  to make your own leaven . Be careful though, this is not an instant process: it takes 5 to 7 days, at the rate of 5 minutes of “maintenance” per day.

We can also use leaven for all recipes that usually require yeast: pizza dough, waffles, English muffins, etc. It’s about experimenting and finding the right amount in the recipes you already have. 

For a 1/2 pound loaf, I put 125 g leaven, or about ½ cup.

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