And if we learn to lose weight?

Knowing how to lose weight is an art! Regulars of unsuccessful diets know this. Losing weight is not an easy task. But why is it so hard to lose weight? Perhaps because we do it wrong or that we lack motivation … Most often, our plans are too restrictive, and we drop the case before reaching our goal. How to motivate yourself to lose weight? Follow our advice and lose weight in joy!

Lack of motivation, frustration, bad diets, insufficient physical activity, or even lower morale … The reasons which make our attempts to lose weight fail are numerous, and yet, we do not want to admit it: we do not know how to lose weight! If we struggle too hard to get the body we dream of, we won’t be discouraged, but there is still time to fill our gaps.
Take back your weight in hand like a chef in five steps, with the added bonus of the very wise lighting from slimming coach Fabienne Kraemer. Why we give up our diets? 39% of people who have dieted stopped it for lack of motivation, and 36% stopped it for fear of the frustration caused by deprivation. This is the bitter observation made by Fabienne Kraemer, before concluding that a diet must be accompanied by psychological care to be truly effective.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight? Be psychologically ready.

We don’t focus on our complexes but we ask ourselves the right questions: what is my motivation to go on a diet?
Getting on a diet takes energy. If you’re a regular, you should know this: more often than not, the real motivation is lacking. An intention, however good it is, is not always followed by an action. If we observe eating behaviors, we see that it is difficult to resist the temptation. To lose weight, you must therefore prepare yourself psychologically, as if you were going to climb a summit, and above all, take stock.

Ask yourself the right questions
 Why do I want to lose weight? If it’s to please others, or to look like models, drop it. And do not lose weight on the pretext that your BMI is above average: if you feel good about your body, a diet is useless! Yes to the plan for the rounds who want to please themselves above all.
 Am I made to lose weight? Are you ready to deprive yourself of certain foods, to be more active, to take care of yourself otherwise, in short, to upset your daily life? Before you start, check with those around you and especially the pros (doctor, dietitian, nutritionist , coach …) that you really need to lose weight.
How should I surround myself? To lose weight effectively, you can always surround yourself. Professionals but also, why not, your loved ones. By making your act public, the commitment is stronger and there is less risk of faltering. Motivation, the key to a successful diet

Motivation, the key to a successful diet
that instilled a way of life for you. If you don’t feel comfortable, keep your diet for yourself. It must above all be a story between self and self. “


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