American Songwriter Alan Merrill Dies of CoronaVirus at the Age of 69

As corona virus has taken thousands of lives. It has not spare any rich and poor , ruler and ruled there is no one who has not been affected by this disease. Along with others so many renowned people have left this world due to Covid 19,Alan Merrill is one of them who died of this respiratory virus on this Sunday. He was a famous songwriter, vocalist model and actor.

Alen got famous with his first anthem ‘I love rock n roll ‘ which released in 1975 He left a daughter, laura miller behind him who says that she was given 2 minutes to say goodbye and then she moved back to home. The time she reached home, she heard the news of her father’s death, which left her devastated and broken. She further wrote “We probably won’t be able to mourn him properly with a funeral, I just lost the greatest love of my life and won’t be able to hug anyone because I’ve been exposed and need to self quarantine for two weeks….alone.”

Moreover, the funeral of Alan Merrill is not likely to happen because corona virus patients and dead bodies affected by it are not allowed to be touched due to its contagiousness.

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