I have a real adoration for small aromatic balms. I find this format much more practical than liquid mixtures of essential oils. There are some in my beauty cabinet, in my medicine cabinet, in the office and even in my purse.

Whatever the ailments, you can make your SOS balm in a few minutes. In addition, only a few ingredients are enough and there are as many possibilities as there are evils. Pimple, eczema, headaches, burns, digestion … everything goes!

To suit everyone, I offer three different bases with beeswax, candelilla wax but also a wax-free version that I find more suitable for certain uses.

Texturing agents

  • Beeswax is the most classic version. They are very easily found in organic food stores at relatively low prices. Of animal origin, it is increasingly neglected in favor of vegetable waxes, it is nonetheless an excellent wax if you choose it organic and from an eco-responsible breeding.
  • Candelilla wax is, in my opinion, the best vegetable alternative to beeswax because it is very similar in terms of film-forming properties. The downside is that it still comes from relatively far away. (you can’t win on all terrains!)
  • Shea butter is also a good alternative and makes it possible to produce very creamy balms so penetration is faster than with a balm made from waxes. Excellent for balms intended for facial care for example (button) but less for pharmaceutical balms whose film-forming effect is significant.

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