After Prince Charles ,UK PM Tested Positive

UK prime minister Boris Johnson on Friday has tested positive. Although he has been observing mild symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever and constant cough still he decided to “self isolate” himself and announced that he will be conducting further meetings, conferences and address to the nation in coming times through video conference.

In spite of having a positive test of the virus, he is determined and steadfast to overcome this crucial time in which pandemic has Strangulated the whole world. He is the first leader of the country who has been caught with this virus .when a German chancellor Angela Markel’s doctor tested positive she also on precautionary measures, tested for coronavirus and luckily, tested negative after conducting two tests.

On taking preventive measures another test is due on next week, still, she has been living in “self-quarantine”. Almost 25,000 people have succumbed to death due to this respiratory disease and thousands of people have been fighting to defeat this virus. All world leaders are encouraging people to stay home and stay safe due to which most countries have been going through lockdowns.

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