9 smart tips for repairing damaged shoes or clothes

If you’ve ever found an unfortunate rust stain on one of your designer clothes that cost you over $ 200, or if you realized you couldn’t wear your jeans anymore favorite because the zipper was broken, so you know what the word “frustration” means. But calm down, don’t stress! Here are tips and tricks that can help you repair damaged shoes or clothes, restore those you once thought ruined to their former glory.

Boredmojo has prepared this selection of very useful tips to prevent your favorite pieces from ending up in the trash and give them a second life.

1. Fix the broken closure on one side of the rail

9 smart tips for repairing damaged shoes or clothes

Repairing a zipper that has come off its track is very easy. All you need is pair of scissors, thread and a needle.

  • Pull the zipper pull all the way down.
  • Make a small notch between two teeth of the zipper.
  • Slide the zipper to the other side and pull it all the way up.
  • Make a few stitches just above the notch, to prevent the zipper from coming out that way.

2. Mold stains on leather boots

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You need a soft toothbrush or sponge, water and vinegar .

  • Removes visible dust.
  • Immerse the sponge or soft toothbrush in the mixture of water and vinegar in equal quantities prepared beforehand.
  • Thoroughly cleans the affected areas.
  • Let the shoes dry in the sun.

Remember that mold can have a negative impact on your health, so remember to clean moldy items in an open area so you don’t breathe in the loose powder. Cover yourself with a surgeon’s mask for optimal safety.

3. Make your leather shoes shine

9 smart tips for repairing damaged shoes or clothes
Save21 Genius Hacks for Fixing Ruined ClothesHarper’s BAZAARMake patent leather shoes shiny again with a little bit of glass cleaner.

You can restore your leather shoes to their shine using a little  window cleaner , 2  pieces of soft cloth and an old toothbrush .

  • Put glass cleaner on one of the pieces of fabric.
  • Gently rub your shoe with the cloth to remove dirt.
  • Use the toothbrush to clean around your shoes and areas that the fabric cannot reach.
  • Take the other piece of dry cloth and rub the shoe to remove excess fluid.
  • Repeat the process as needed.

You should be aware that this product can damage the leather or the skin a little, so you should always test the inside of the shoe beforehand to make sure that it will not stain it.

4. Repair the whale of your bra

To fix a whale that came out of your bra, you will need a piece of tape, glue, and scissors.

  • Put the whale back in its place, inside the hull.
  • Cut a piece of tape, put glue in it and place it over the hole left by the whale.
  • Press with your fingers so that it sticks well.

And that’s it, nothing could be easier. The heat from your body will help the glue to adhere to the bra fabric.

5. Remove old paint from your favorite clothes

SaveHow to Remove Paint From JeansDesert DomicileHow to Remove Paint From Jeans | Desert Domicile

You need to  hair spray and a stiff brush.

  • Spray hair spray on the area until it is completely wet.
  • Wait a few minutes.
  • Brush or rub with a small towel.
  • You will see that the old paint will start to peel off the fabric.
  • Once you’ve removed all of the paint residue, wash your clothes. Washing will break down any residue left on the fabric, facilitating their final removal.

6. Repair a hole in a mesh garment

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You need to needle and thread the same color as the garment.

  • Start from the wrong side of the item.
  • Take the stitch that came out of the stitch with the needle.
  • Take the stitch on the opposite side and stitch them together.
  • Continue like this from one side of the hole to the other until you join the two sides.

7. How to fix a closure that opens

If there are no missing teeth when closing, it is likely that the problem is with the zipper that slides on the closure. This can be damaged over time, until you can no longer close the zipper. To resolve this issue, t u gonna need of a pair of pliers and a paper towel .

  • Pull the zipper as far as possible.
  • Bring the two sides of the zipper as far apart as possible.
  • Cover the sliding zipper with a paper towel to prevent hurting yourself.
  • Tighten the pull tab with the pliers until they close but do not put too much pressure on it so as not to break it.
  • Then check if it worked, and repeat the process if necessary.

8. Eliminate rust stains

9 smart tips for repairing damaged shoes or clothes

If you have rust on your clothes, it can be  removed with  salt and white vinegar or a little lemon juice.

  • Mix the same amount of salt and white vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Place the preparation directly on the stain.
  • Wait 30 minutes for this to take effect.
  • Put your garment in the sun so that the stain begins to dissipate.
  • Wash your clothes as usual.

Rust stains can be the most stubborn and you may need to repeat the process a few times. If after that you can still see traces of dirt, place the garment with the mixture over a bowl of boiling water to speed up the process, before putting it in the sun.

9. Remove ink or marker stains

9 smart tips for repairing damaged shoes or clothes

Using acetone to remove stubborn marks from a ballpoint pen or marker is very effective, as it is the best solvent for these type of stains. However, some fabrics can be damaged by the use of this product so it must first be tested in a corner of the garment to see the result without damaging the visible parts. If you can not use this solvent, replace it with alcohol . You should know that this will not be as effective, so you will have to repeat the operation several times.

  • Moisten the stain with water.
  • Place an old towel on a hard surface, such as a table, then place the stained item of clothing on the towel.
  • Apply acetone or other solvent to the stain, using a spray bottle.
  • The towel will absorb some of the ink that was on the garment.
  • Rinse it.
  • Repeat the process if necessary until the ink stain is completely gone.

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