9 Signs That Your Boyfriend is No Longer in Love with You

Having the feeling that her boyfriend no longer loves him would wear him out. Here’s how to check if your instinct is correct.

If you’re starting to feel like your boyfriend isn’t showing love the way he used to, and suddenly he feels less of a priority and more accessory. In his life, he may have fallen in love with you. Although this sounds heartbreaking, there is no point in wasting time with someone if they no longer love you. He may or may not have found someone else, but at some point he felt a disconnection with you that ruined his interest in the relationship.


How to know if your boyfriend no longer loves you


Before you start getting paranoid about your feelings * or lack of feelings * for you, it’s best to make sure you have evidence to back up your claim. Below are some of the signs that may tell you that your type is no longer as deep inside you as it used to be.


# 1 Take a cheeky glance at other women in front of you

9 Signs that your boyfriend is no longer in love with you

Some men may differ, stating that it is like a man to look at an attractive woman. However, if you are excessive about it, to the point that you have sex with the eyes of passers-by in front of you, then you may be showing a lack of interest and a clear lack of respect towards you.


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