9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

Nowadays, on the Internet, we have the possibility to find thousands of tips to keep in shape. Some promise to help us lose weight without trying too hard, while others offer us military-style workouts. But what to do when you just want to feel a little better after a tough day? Apparently you just have to raise your arms …



At Boredmojo , we’ve found 9 reasons why this simple exercise can dramatically improve your health!

1. Shoulder opening for curved backs

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

This movement is particularly recommended for  those who spend too much time with their back bent in front of a computer . When you hold this posture for long periods of time, your muscles start to take the shape of this incorrect position, and as a result, you find yourself stiff and  limited in your movement .

The first thing you need to do is maintain a straight posture. Second, do stretching exercises . Clench your fists, raise your hands from the waist to the top of your head, put them together, inhale , lower your arms, then repeat the exercise. This will help release the tension in your shoulders and neck.

2. Improve your posture, and open your center of gravity

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

Most health problems are caused by bad habits, and sitting in bad posture is one of them! We often believe that the way we sit is the most comfortable, but we don’t know how bad posture can be in the long run. We should all be careful and correct our position. Raising your arms is a good start!

Just raise your arms and keep them perpendicular to the ground. Repeat this exercise for 20 minutes, and try to keep your spine in the same position as you lower your arms. You will see that you will quickly sit down in a healthier position.

3. Strengthen your shoulders and arms

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

One of the first postures learned in yoga class is called Urdhva Hastasana . It literally translates to “the raised hands posture”. It is not difficult to perform, and it greatly helps strengthen the shoulders and arms.

Make sure you spend enough time in this position. Find a comfortable spot, spread your feet shoulder-width apart, raise your arms, and stay in that position for a few moments. Then start moving your pelvis back and forth. When you feel tension in your shoulders, lower your hands and relax. Then passes to a position with hands in the air , like that of the  warrior , or  the Utkatasana .

4. Prevention of lower back pain

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

The cause of lower back pain is most often hidden in changes in the structure of the spinal cord. Due to age or a sedentary lifestyle, the vertebrae become more fragile and less mobile , and the intervertebral discs (which are supposed to act as pads between the vertebrae) dry out.

As a result, the nerve roots in the spinal cord (there are 31 pairs), being responsible for movement and sending sensory signals between the body and the brain, can get pinched between the vertebrae.
Simply raising your arms and straightening them up can therefore help prevent lower back pain.

5. Improved balance

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

Having a good sense of balance is something we need in order to walk properly, to bend down without falling, to sit properly in a chair, and for many other activities. When the balance becomes insufficient, it may be due to muscle weakness, or a condition of the organ responsible for balance in the inner ear, or the nerves, heart or blood vessels. There may be different organs involved, and if you often feel dizzy you should see a doctor.

But if you’re just a little more goofy than your friends and it gets annoying sometimes, then throw your arms up for several minutes a day.


6. Get rid of internet addiction syndrome

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

Text neck syndrome  is one of the illnesses caused by overuse of smartphones and social media, which occurs when you constantly look down at the phone screen. Our neck has to bear more weight when in this position, so it gets tired more quickly.

This can have very bad consequences on your health, such as arthritis, for example.

So there too, give yourself a little rest every now and then, release the tension in your neck and in your eyes. Raise your arms, slowly turn your head from side to side, and get into the habit of taking 15-minute breaks after using your phone for a while.

7. Avoid weak legs and spine

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

Weakness in the legs or in the spine can result from poor blood circulation . And a good way to improve the latter is to raise your arms above your head.

This exercise should pull on the shoulders, even if they are not very flexible, and the only way to do it is to stand. When you sit up, your spine and soft tissues move, which improves blood circulation.


8. Relieve stomach pain

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

Exercising isn’t always the best idea after eating, but doing slow arm lift exercises can help  reduce the time it takes for food to move through the large intestine.

When we raise our arms, the position of the gastrointestinal tract improves, and food circulates more quickly through the digestive tract. It is a good idea that can serve as a preventive measure against the fermentation and putrefaction of food, and against the  imbalance of the intestinal flora.


9. Say goodbye to fatigue

9 reasons why doctors recommend raising your arms more often

If you feel like you’re having trouble doing everyday tasks that you used to do without problems, you may be feeling tired. Fatigue can be mental or physical, but more often than not it is both. In general, changes in lifestyle, eating habits and behavior can be responsible, but no one can change everything in one day.

Practicing yoga can help you sleep better and give you energy for the day. It all depends on the positions you take. There are many that involve  raising your arms.

And you, do you regularly do exercises that make you raise your arms? Which sport do you practice ?

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