9 Fundamental Pillars of a Couple

A couple of relationships involves two people, who decide to plan together in life. For this, the couple must build a series of solid and robust pillars, on which they can lean to build all their common projects.
Negotiation and agreement are the glue. Love, respect, and understanding are like the bricks of these pillars.

Why can a couple not work?

Often, couple relationships fail because these famous pillars of the couple collapse, or because the couple has never tried to establish these pillars. Thus, they have no base that would provide them with the stability and security they need.
Consequently, failure is often due to the lack of agreement between the two members of the couple. The structure which is supposed to maintain them is nonexistent and the base which should support them is absent.

When to establish these pillars of the couple?

The pillars of the couple must be established from the start of the relationship when the members of the couple discover and get to know each other. At this time, it is essential to dialogue, get to know each other, and find satisfactory agreements for both.

When should these pillars be reviewed and analyzed?

The couple’s pillars are like truck wheels. If a pillar collapses for any reason, it is important to review them all again, as the couple is now in danger.
Often, the couple continues a little longer even if there are no more pillars, with all the disadvantages that this implies, until they end up breaking up.
The break is then very painful because time has not helped them to find themselves and the fact of advancing without pillar has only added problems in an already fragile relationship.

What are the 9 fundamental pillars of a couple?

In a couple, there are generally 9 main pillars. However, if the couple decides otherwise, there can be as many as they wish. There are therefore at least 9, which we detail below. These pillars are essential for the couple to be fulfilled and happy.

1. Love

Love is an essential pillar. To establish this pillar, it is imperative that this feeling towards the other is present, just as love must be reciprocal.
For Love to become a solid and secure pillar, it will be necessary to realize that over the years and stages of the couple, this feeling will vary and manifest itself differently. However, if the rest of the pillars are stable, time will reinforce that feeling of love.

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