9 Extremely Amazing Diy Beauty Hacks With Coconut Oil

Long left aside in favor of argan oil or sweet almond oil, coconut oil marks its big comeback this spring and for a long time! Indeed, coconut oil has such health, skin and hair benefits that one wonders how it was not adopted earlier in our beauty routine than in our diet! 

Coconut oil: what is it?

Coconut oil, not to be confused with coconut oil (sun-dried coconut) is a vegetable oil with many benefits. At room temperature, coconut oil is solid, and looks a bit like Shea butter, but as soon as you heat it, it becomes liquid and can therefore easily mix with other beauty products. Rich in vitamins A and E ( antioxidants ), coconut oil promotes cell renewal but also healing in the event of light cuts or burns. Also antibacterial, coconut oil very suitable for problem skin and can be applied in a thin layer on the most sensitive skin to treat and hydrate them at the same time. But his madness does not stop there. The coconut oil has the distinction of being almost as rich in lauric acid that breast milk! These saturated fatty acids (or TCM ) stimulate the immune system and boost the body’s defenses and our energy consumption (that is to say, calories … yes, you understand, the oil coconut is also useful when dieting).

In the bathroom, coconut oil is our new beauty asset par excellence. It is used both pure for ultra nourishing use and mixed with other natural products for multiple and daily use! And yes, you may not have known it, but with a single jar of coconut oil, you can make many beauty products , super effective and natural!

Coconut oil: How to choose it?

As the coconut is not cultivated in our countries (alas), you will only find imported products. Choose products from organic farming and certified cruelty-free. Indeed,  recent surveys have shown that some farms capture and mistreat pig-tailed macaques, a vulnerable species, for harvesting.

Also be sure to choose a virgin coconut oil, extracted from a first cold press. If this precision is not mentioned you could very well end up with a hydrogenated oil of much lower quality!

What do we do with coconut oil?

Practical at first because a single pot is enough for several uses, we love this ecological and economical use of beauty products! A real all-purpose balm, coconut oil is used from head to toe. It would even be good to always have some in a tightly sealed jar. A blow of dryness, a button which points the end of its nose, an eruption of eczema, the chapped lips, the skin which cracks in winter? Coconut oil is a natural and universal remedy for all those little daily hassles that can easily spoil us a day ! If there are many DIY recipes to make with coconut oil, we can of course also use it pure! This is mainly why this wonderful oil is our new beauty and health ally!

From deodorant to shampoo to toothpaste, discover our selection of DIY beauty to make with coconut oil for beautiful and healthy skin!

1.Sugar Scrub – Coconut Oil


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