8 tips to lose weight this summer.

Summer is the time for relaxation and relaxation. We bask in light clothing or even in a swimsuit … Why not take the opportunity to lose weight and get back in shape? Here are some tips for losing weight while remaining zen, without diet or deprivation, but with pleasure! 

1.Every morning when you wake up, and during your leisure or leisure activities. Meditate!



It is not a question of transforming yourself into a Zen master staying for hours sitting cross-legged until practicing levitation … Mindfulness meditation consists in being fully in what you do, in the present moment.
In the morning when you wake up , do not get up right away, but listen to the sounds outside (the song of the cicadas, the voices of people already awake …), smell the scents, the temperature, the texture of the sheets under your body. Be attentive, without judgment, as well on what you observe, as on what you say or what you feel. There is no “good sound” or parasite, there are only sounds, which appear to you. Then get up on the right foot!
At any time of the day , lying on your deckchair or on your towel at the beach, during a swim or a hike in the great outdoors, devote a few moments to mindfulness, living fully the present moment, welcoming your bodily sensations, pleasant or not, welcoming your thoughts and emotions, pleasant or unpleasant, always without judgment.
You can also meditate mindfully when you eat: it is “ mindful eating ”, and it works to eat better, eat what is necessary and often, thus, lose weight!

2.Eat only when you are hungry.

In summer, you have fewer time constraints to respect. So respect your rhythm and the sensations of your body ! Get up when you are resting, go to bed when you are tired, and eat when you are hungry.
It’s silly, but you may find that your natural rhythm is different from what your active life requires. Perhaps you will skip breakfast, lunch and dinner earlier or later than usual … You are free, there are no rules or principles to follow! Do not hesitate to write down in a notebook the meal times that seem most natural to you.

3.Appreciate the slowness.

After months of hectic life, praise the slowness. The heat of summer and its languor will naturally help you. Also eat slowly , chewing quietly, bite after bite.
It’s a great tip for losing weight, and one that we often forget. By eating more carefully, you automatically eat more slowly, you are more satisfied and you are full with less!

4.Enjoy the taste pleasures of summer.

A good sweet and juicy peach, a deliciously fresh lemon sorbet, seafood with an iodine taste, a glass of sparkling rosé … Immerse yourself in the heart of your sensations and taste each bite with pleasure , without guilt , even with dishes that you have grown accustomed to considering as “pranks” (and which, of course, are not).
As soon as your enjoyment of eating begins to decline, stop eating. It is a tip for losing weight without deprivation, in pleasure: you stop eating as soon as your pleasure in eating stops !

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