8 Habits That May One Day Save Your Life

According to statistics, we are living in the safest time in human history. But don’t be too confident, the world remains a dangerous place.



Boredmojo has gathered for you seven simple habits that will increase your level of security.



1. Keys, money, and cell phone charged

8 Habits That May One Day Save Your Life

Make it a habit to check your pockets every time you go out. Keys, money and a charged laptop are things you should always have on hand. You can forget what you want, but these three items are essential.

Why are they so important? In an emergency, you should always be able to call to ask for help or go home. The mobile phone can save your life, but also that of other people: if you witness an accident, you can easily contact the emergency services. Remember to recharge your phone battery before you leave home or work.


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