8 DIY To Create Your Perfume

Want healthier, more engaged beauty reflexes? For the good of your health like that of the planet, choose the composition of your perfume! Here are 8 recipes to create your own fragrance. At the editorial, great importance is placed on healthy and ecological beauty products. That is why we appreciate making our own beauty products . Indeed, what better way to control your cosmetics than to manage their compositions? Contrary to what one might think at first, making your beauty and skincare products is much simpler than it seems. It can be body and face cream, lip balm, toothpaste or even deodorant. The raw materials, very often essential oils associated with natural ingredients like fruits or plants must imperatively be organic. We warn you, you may well become addicted.Making your beauty products is a healthy activity, but completely addictive! We take time for ourselves, we create, we relax, we don’t think of anything else and we focus on our well-being. In addition, the products are more economical than in trade and can be stored without difficulty for several months. Conquered, we therefore decided to embark on a whole new adventure of home made cosmetics: create our own perfume  ! On the web, there is no shortage of recipe ideas. It can be toilet water, solid perfume, body oil or spray to refresh and hydrate. All the DIY that we have found have in common to make the share in natural and ecological products. So, let’s get started?  

1.Perfume Of Essential Oil Ylang Ylang

Because she is fed up with heady and overly artificial smells of commercially purchased perfumes, the blogger offers a small format home made product, to slip everywhere, in her bag, her toilet bag, or even the pocket. of his coat. Its basis? Ylang Ylang essential oil which she invites you to combine with other essential oils, according to your tastes.

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