7 tips for painting your baby’s room

You are waiting for a happy event and want to prepare your baby’s room in order to offer him the sweetest and healthiest environment for his first years. We give you 7 tips to apply to paint the baby’s room and welcome it in a cocoon with a healthy and soothing decor.

Preparing the baby room is one of the important steps for parents while expecting their child. It is not to be taken lightly because after the mother’s womb, the bedroom will be the new cocoon of the baby to feel good and safe. Studies show that indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Pollution caused by the use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Components) in the composition of landscaping products (paints, furniture, decorative items, cleaning products …). So to ensure your child a healthy and warm environment, choosing the right paint and bedroom furniture is essential. We give you some tips to avoid the odd.

1 – get ahead

Baby arrives in 9 months, it may seem long but it is the time it takes to prepare for his arrival at home. For your room, you will have to do it at least 2 months in advance . Time to make your choice of color, furniture, test the paint, choose if you put wallpaper, do some work if necessary … but even without going so far as to repaint everything from floor to ceiling, this time will be required to ventilate the space and allow the cov to disappear as much as possible from the room.

2 – Choose a healthy paint

One of the first sources of toxic volatile components is the painting of the walls, often filled with solvents. To avoid as much as possible that it is toxic for babies, the choice of an acrylic paint based on water and natural components is essential. Beware of so-called “odorless” paints because they are often so by the use of toxic components. Prefer an ecological paint. There are more and more choices of organic paints with a range of natural colors that will be perfect for the nursery. These paints are designed to preserve the environment and our health. To help you, they are labeled with the words: “emission in the indoor air: A +”. They are to be preferred, even for the rest of the house. 

3 – Choose a washable paint

In the 1st months, your baby will remain rather contemplative of the decoration of his room but he will quickly take his ease there and will come the day when he himself will bring his artistic touch. Children are creative and full of energy. If it is not with the porridge of the snack, it will be with a few strokes of the pencil that they will come to repaint the walls. In such a situation, you will be happy to have chosen a washable paint . The latest trend is softer velvet paint for a child’s room than satin paint. It will be very easy to clean with a cloth and a little water.

4- Choose one or two shades of color

We often want a colorful children’s room to welcome their baby in a warm and positive atmosphere, but be careful not to overdo it! Choose one or two shades in soft, natural tones. They will bring light and harmony to the child’s room, and will adapt more easily to its evolution.
For the choice of colors, do not hesitate to think outside the box and take pictures. The trend of pink for a girl and blue for a boy is outdated. Also avoid overly flashy colors that excite the mind, such as red.
Also, the simple choice of painting the walls in white is not a lack of originality. This will allow the space to evolve more easily. The idea will then be to bring color to the room thanks to the furniture and decorative items. Another good idea for a wall decoration is that of painting only a section of wall. This will add depth or delimit a space.

5 – Do a paint test

As with all painting work, it is strongly recommended to test the paint beforehand on a piece of wall. For this, paint dealers make sample pots available to customers. This step is very important because the rendering of the paint in real life can vary greatly depending on the lighting of the room, the material, the number of layers of paint or even the surrounding colors.

6 – Think about the furniture

Once the painting of the room is done, it must be furnished. New furniture, particularly chipboard, is an important source . So avoid buying one or so well in advance so that you can ventilate the room before the baby arrives. Otherwise, prefer antique furniture that has its charm and can have sentimental value if it has already been used by the previous children in the family, such as the bed. Conversely for bedding (mattresses and textiles), it is recommended to buy new with the new ecological standards which guarantee a very low content of toxic substances. The European Standard 100 Textile Confidence label, for example, guarantees the total absence of toxic or irritant substances.

7 – Wash the room with natural products


Finally, to avoid multiplying the sources , consider cleaning the entire room with natural and non-toxic household products such as white vinegar , Marseille soap or baking soda . There are many easy-to-make recipes for building up any type of cleaning product. This obviously applies to the rest of the house.
You will find most of these products in supermarkets or in organic stores.

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