7 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Depression

The amount of sunshine is getting shorter, winter is coming or is already here, and you are in a moody mood? Fight seasonal depression wit

1. Try light Therapy

To fight the cockroach, your mother surely advised you to take some sun and a breath of fresh air. She was right: sun exposure has a positive effect on mood. But what to do in winter, when its rays are scarce?

  • Light therapy seems to be an excellent antidote to seasonal depression. An exposure of 30 minutes a day should cheer you up.
  • Light and colors also have an effect on well-being. A clear frame and touches of warm colors – yellow, red, orange, etc. – can help you find a smile.
  • You will find therapeutic lamps in drugstores, but they will cost you less at the manufacturer. Doctors and physiotherapists can refer you to suppliers.


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