7 Famous Characters Based On Real People

Often times, we become so familiar with certain characters from famous movies and books that we almost feel like they are our friends – even though we know deep down that they are fictional. Still, some of them almost exist, since the writers and writers took inspiration from totally real people, based on their looks, habits, and even favorite words.


The editorial staff of Boredmojo has made a selection of characters inspired by reality, which, unbelievably true, therefore exist for real.



Dr. House – Thomas Bolte

7 Famous Characters Based On Real People

Doctor Thomas Bolte, nicknamed “the real House”, is also rather eccentric. In this photo, he was rushing to receive a patient, going there on rollerblades to avoid traffic.

The creators of the Dr. House series were interested in the story of Doctor Thomas Bolte of New York, who treated a gallery owner who spent 40 years suffering from migraines. The man had visited dozens of doctors who were prescribing a multitude of headache medications. While Thomas Bolte was interested in the fact that the patient could not stand the egg yolk. He studied his tests again and realized that for 40 years the patient had suffered from heavy metal poisoning. After the treatment, the man forgot the word “migraine”. And this is not a case apart: the talent and intelligence of Thomas Bolte have enabled him to resolve even more difficult cases. He is even called the “doctor detective”.

The creators of House were in some cases inspired by Bolte’s practice and his somewhat eccentric conduct. However, the doctor is not a big fan of the show: “Yes, we have some similarities but I don’t like the show. I’m totally against walking on people to give a diagnosis like House does.” However, after the series Bolte’s career took off, he is now the senior doctor in the MTV office.




Dorian Gray – poet John Gray

7 Famous Characters Based On Real People

The English poet John Gray, whom Oscar Wilde knew in the late 1880s, became a model for Dorian Gray. Decadent, sophisticated, intelligent, handsome and ambitious poet, John was inspired by the writer to create the character of young and handsome Dorian Gray. After the publication of his short story, many began to call him John Gray by the character’s first name, and the poet himself signed at least one of his letters with Wilde “Dorian”. Surprisingly, 30 years later, John Gray gave up the bohemian life and became a Catholic priest, who even had his own parish.




Sherlock Holmes – Professor Joseph Bell

7 Famous Characters Based On Real People

Sherlock Holmes has a lot in common with University of Edinburgh professor Joseph Bell, with whom Conan Doyle worked as an assistant in a hospital. The writer always remembered his teacher, he spoke of his eagle profile, sharp mind and surprising intuition. Bell was tall, thin, abrupt in movement, and he was smoking a pipe.

He knew how to determine the profession and the personality of his patients and he always invited his students to use the deduction. He took strangers to his classes and asked the students to say who they were and where they came from. One day he brought a person with a hat into the amphitheater, and as no one could answer Bell’s questions, he explained that since this fellow forgot to remove the hat, it was likely to be an elder. soldier, who had kept in the army the habit of having to salute by taking off his headgear. And since he had a fever, typical of the West Indies, it was also likely that he served in Barbados. Elementary..




James Bond – the “King of Spies” Sidney Reilly

7 Famous Characters Based On Real People

There is a lot of debate about the identity of the James Bond prototype, and it may have been inspired by several people (ex-spy Ian Fleming also gave the character his characteristics). However, many agree that the character looks a lot like the “King of Spies,” Russian-born British spy Sidney Reilly.

Incredibly learned, he was fluent in seven languages, he enjoyed playing politics and manipulating people, he adored women and had a multitude of connections. Reilly did not fail in any of his operations and he was known to know how to find a solution to any problem. He knew how to instantly transform into another person.



Peter Pan – Michael Davis

7 Famous Characters Based On Real People

To write the wonderful book on Peter Pan, writer JM Barrie drew inspiration from his son’s friends, Sylvia and Arthur Davies. The writer had known the Davies for a very long time, he was friends with their five sons, but more precisely with their four-year-old, Michael (a brilliant child by the general opinion) who turned into a prototype of Peter Pan. The writer gave his character the physical traits and personality of the child, until the nightmares that agitated this mischievous and nevertheless sensitive little guy. Of course, the Peter Pan sculpture in Kensington Gardens has the face of Michael.


Christopher Robin – Christopher Robin Milne

7 Famous Characters Based On Real People

Christopher Robin, the character in the Winnie the Pooh books, written by Alan Milne, is actually the son of the writer who had the same first name as the character. During his childhood he did not have a good relationship with his parents: his mother only cared about herself and his father spent his time writing books, which is why the child spent a lot of time with his. nurse. He later wrote: “There are two things that tarnished my life that I had to take care of: the fame of my father and ‘Christopher Robin'”. The child grows up very nicely, being nervous and shy. “Christopher Robin’s model as well as Piglet,” the psychologists then concluded. The child’s favorite toy was the Teddy bear, that his father had given him for his first birthday. And, as you might have guessed, he became Robin’s best friend, Winnie the Pooh.



“The Wolf of Wall Street” – trader Jordan Belfort

7 Famous Characters Based On Real People

On the photo on the left is Jordan Belfort, and it is his biography that we discover in this excellent film. The life of this trader had its ups and downs. First, he dedicated himself to making a life of luxury. Almost two years later, he was jailed for fraud in the stock market. After his release, Belfort figured out how to put his talents to new use: he wrote two books about his life and he began to give self-motivated lectures. The main rules of success, according to him, are: “Act with confidence in your strengths, so people will believe you. Act as if you have achieved incredible success, so you will truly be successful!”

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