7 attitudes to banish when you have back pain.

Back pain is often called “sickness of the century”. It concerns in fact a large majority of people and doctors estimate that more than 80% of the population will suffer one day or the other from low back pain.

In the majority of cases, the causes of back pain are due to poor posture or bad everyday gestures. What attitudes should you avoid if you have low back pain?

1. Sitting with a bulging back and bent over.

Many people spend a large part of their day in front of a screen. Consequence: they suffer from the back because they sit poorly .

If you have back pain and you have to sit in a chair in front of a desk for several hours, it is necessary not to keep your back rounded or to bend over, but to stay straight .

Be sure to adjust the height of your chair to be in front of your screen and if necessary, put a small footrest to improve your posture .

When you sit in an armchair, support yourself on the armrests or on your thighs with both hands  and press your back on the backrest.

2. Cross your legs.

Whether out of modesty or because you find this position more comfortable, crossing your legs is very bad when you have back pain .

Not only does this cut blood circulation but above all, this position can lead to lower back pain since this position causes the spine to twist, which must compensate for the bad movement .

Only solution: uncross the legs, even if  you find it more comfortable and elegant than having the legs apart.

3. Bend over to grab an object.

If you have dropped an object, have to make your shoelaces or take a baby out of the deckchair, do not bend over while stretching your legs . It is a very bad reflex that can make your pain worse or even pinch a vertebra.

When you have to bend over, make sure to bend both of your legs while performing the movement.

If you have to stay bent a little longer, get on your knees so that your spine is less curved .

4. Lifting a load that is too heavy.

It’s a matter of common sense: if you have low back pain, avoid carrying heavy loads. Do not hesitate to seek the help of a third person and have your groceries delivered to you .

If you can’t get help, pick up the load without bending forward but bending your legs. Then try to distribute the weight by holding the load against your hips or your belly, but especially not at arm’s length .

Finally, if you have to carry a slightly heavy load, don’t forget to breathe …

5. Wear unsuitable shoes.

Pumps are not recommended when you suffer from sciatica for example, because their high heels require us to compensate by digging the back, which aggravates the pain.

As for ballerinas, their lack of heels is also very bad in case of low back pain, because they do not sufficiently absorb the shock when walking .

When you have back pain, the ideal is to find the middle ground with a heel of 3.5 cm for shoes called trotters and that the Queen of England, who often finds herself in a standing position during ceremonies, used to wearing.  

6. Stop the sport.

Some people stop playing sports because they have back pain and fear that the pain will get worse: bad idea!

When you have low back pain, on the contrary, you need to have physical activity to build your back and support your spine . As the campaign says, ”  Good treatment is movement  “.

The main thing is not to force and then think about stretching .

7. Dress upright

Even if you are in a hurry, do not dress standing on one foot. Not only do you risk increasing the pain, but most importantly, you could fall and injure yourself.

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