6 Signs That Prove That She Is Not In Love With You But Uses You

You are in love with her, but sometimes you have the impression that she uses you? Sorry to tell you that, but you’re probably right.

If this girl only calls you when she needs you and she seems more interested in your money, your car, your friends or your apartment than in your brilliant conversation, she is not in love with you. And that she takes advantage of you and abuses your kindness.

If you do not want to leave feathers, handled between the expert fingers of a woman who does not respect you,  we reveal in this article 6 signs that can save your life against a manipulator who uses you.


1. She’s always busy … except when she needs something


6 Signs That Prove That She Is Not In Love With You But Uses You

I make you the picture: you really want to see it and you are always ready to offer a moment to two.

But she always postpones using all the pretexts of the world. And of course,  she never offers you anything in return.

It’s horribly frustrating and horrifying.

You have the impression that she is openly ignoring you and that you will not be able to see her before all the bars in your city are closed, her TV is down and Facebook no longer works!

On the other hand,  when she needs an  emergency service to repair something at home or to bring her somewhere, there, she always knows where to find you:

  • “Can you come to see why my computer does not work anymore? “
  • “Can you pick me up at the station? “
  • “Can you help me finish the math assignment for next week? “

And of course,  you accept every time, because you do not realize that this relationship is toxic.

It reminds me of the story of a friend who agreed to write the ex– graduation thesis of his ex while we learned later that she had cheated on him for months.

He promised it to me: never again!

Do not be fooled, and observe the facts as they are, and not as you would like them to be.

Here is the key point on which you must focus your attention:  the availability of the girl for you when she has nothing to ask you and you are the plaintiff.

When a woman is interested in you, she will offer you what she has most precious in this world:  her time.

She will want to talk to you often, to see you often and she will tell you.

If it’s not the case, it’s probable that his interest in you is not as strong as you imagine.

We will have to face the facts, if she tells you that she is always busy and she only asks you to ask for services,  this girl uses you.

And you risk suffering.


2. She makes you dazzle her love


6 Signs That Prove That She Is Not In Love With You But Uses You


You may have fallen on that kind of girls already.

The one that makes you spark a relationship with her if you show yourself kind and help her do her homework or prepare for her meeting.

I know it since it was my  “technique” of seduction when I was a high school student: to do the girls’ English homework to attract their sympathy.

I am therefore well placed to say that it never worked! If you are not in a relationship with her, know that you will probably never get anything from her.

She is not interested in who you are. She just needs your skills.

And since you are already giving her everything she needs without the slightest effort, she has absolutely no reason to be more involved with you.

But there is worse. Women who will push the vice up to a couple with you to enjoy your talents.

Before you throw yourself like an old sock when she will not need you anymore.

Stay alert to the signs.

For example,  if she uses you, she will not introduce you to her family or friends.

If you are at the beginning of your relationship, it is completely normal.

There are women who are modest about it.

They do not want to introduce too many guys to their parents. They have already experienced failures and they do not want to have explanations to give to anyone in case of a break between you.

On the other hand, if after several months, you still know absolutely no one around you and she exploits you to do all his dirty work, it simply means that for her,  it is not really a question of a serious relationship.

So if no one knows your existence after several months, you can ask yourself questions.

She has something to hide. And what she’s hiding is you.

Especially if she keeps asking you to help her do this or that. Sorry to tell you, but you’re just his stepping stone to a better life.


3. She is too much interested in your environment … much more than you


6 Signs That Prove That She Is Not In Love With You But Uses You

She always has a good reason to decline your head to head.

On the other hand, she is always ready to meet your friends, enjoy big parties or want to see your co-workers.

Always busy to spend time with two, but available when there are beautiful people.

Bizarre is not it?

Ok, if you’ve just met her, it’s up to you to see her again and make an appointment.

On the other hand, after some time,  your investment in the relationship must evolve and it must become a force of proposal, just like you, to make your relationship work.

If this is not the case and it only adds to the social events that punctuate your daily life,  it is because this girl uses you.

If you want to be clear and you like to play,  take a test.

Try not to write to him for a few days and wait to see what happens.

If she’s really interested in you, she’s going to wonder where you’ve come from and want to make sure nothing has happened to you.

On the other hand, if she uses you, she will remember your existence only when she needs a service or when she sees that you are going out without her.

It will reappear without even asking you how you are going and without worrying the least about your feelings.

Let’s face it: for her,  you’re just a tool to get out and meet new people.

Is this really what you want?


4. This girl uses you if … she starts asking you for money


6 Signs That Prove That She Is Not In Love With You But Uses You

At first, it may be just a drink or a restaurant where she will have forgotten her credit card.

Then,  she will start by asking you for 10 euros here or 10 euros there to buy cigarettes.

Of course, do not make me say what I did not say.

The problem is not to lend money or help out.

The problem is that things only go in one direction. Clearly, it’s always you.

If it never pays you a drink or a restaurant when you go out together, but it does not deprive you to ask for money or bring you shopping sprees which you return the arms filled with his purchases with your card blue is that she uses you.

You are not his lover,  but his milk cow.

The day she has a real problem, she will have to pay her rent or repairs to her car, her water heater, or her school fees.

And she will not be more affectionate for that.

Once again,  nothing prevents you from showing yourself generous if it pleases you.

But if you feel that it is abusing and things are taking a bad turn, it’s time to brake 4 irons if you do not want to finish on the straw.

Remember one thing, a study published in 2011 by the  London School of Economics states that  40% of women in Western countries marry men who are richer and more educated than they are.

While they were only 20% in 1950.

If 4 out of 10 women get married to a richer man, there is a part for whom money must be an engine. More and more venal women?

Pay attention!


5. This woman uses you if she blows hot and cold to keep you under her thumb


6 Signs That Prove That She Is Not In Love With You But Uses You


For example, she cancels appointments at the last moment.

It’s something that can happen. She can have a real impediment.

But when it happens regularly, then we can not talk about mere chance.

There must be a lack of interest on his part.

You are not his priority.

But she must leave you in the illusion that she is attached to you if she does not want you to escape her.

And so lose all the benefits related to your presence in his life.

So,  it makes you shine moments to 2  it cancels at the last minute.

You are no more than a donkey running like a madman behind the carrot that she sometimes deigns to shake at the end of a stick.

It is high time to regain your confidence and regain your self-confidence!


6. She will do everything to make you feel guilty


6 Signs That Prove That She Is Not In Love With You But Uses You

Take a simple test.

The next time she asks you something, just answer  “no”.

Whether it’s money, a service or anything.

Explain that you cannot or do not have the time.

If this woman loves you, she should understand perfectly and should not hold you against it.

On the other hand,  if she uses you, she should quickly fool herself and do everything to make you feel guilty about dropping her.

She should get angry and get away from the root of the problem.

She can tell you things like:

  • “Anyway, you do not love me anymore”
  • “It has changed since the beginning”
  • “You were not like that before! “

In short, she will want to make you look bad!

Do not let the brain go back, and find out the manipulation technique used!

The victim is you!


The bonus tip to be really sure of his intentions towards you.


Want to be sure if a woman uses you or not?

Try to determine the circumstances in which she turns to you.

Does she hear from you selflessly?

Does it send you messages or call you for no reason? Does she want to see you for the pleasure of sharing a moment?

Or, every time she contacts you, it’s because she has something special to ask you.

Whatever it may be: bring him somewhere, help him move, ask you for information …

If you are only a logistical or financial resource in his eyes, do not be fooled and protect your heart of fragile man.

You deserve to be with a woman who respects you and appreciates you for who you are.




Of course, all these signs are to be treated with great care.

The human heart is complex. So, be really discerning.

It’s not because your partner is going to ask you something once she does not respect you,  she uses you or thinks that your relationship is not serious.

What should you put the flea in your ear is the volume and frequency of these different signs.

If any of the signs on this list are repeated often, you can start asking yourself questions.

And above all, think about the reasons that keep her in your life.

Would this girl be ready to do the same for you as what you do for her? What would happen if one day you tell him ”  no  “? Does she really care about who you are,  not your financial or social capital and your skills?

If you are certain that you are giving much more than you are receiving, there is a good chance that she will not be in love with you and that you will be the victim of a manipulator who uses you.

And you, have you ever experienced this situation? Have you ever asked a lot of questions as a couple or felt that your partner was using you?

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